Thursday, November 18, 2010


"This VibraliteTM modacrylic fiber 22" Clip-in Straight Extension from HairUWear adds volume to shorter hair and short hair transforms to luxurious below-the-shoulder length hair in MINUTES. Now any woman can easily and affordably change her length and/or add volume to her own hair with HairDoTM Synthetic Clip-in Hair from Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves."

I really wanted to try these for a while now. I log on to Folica ever day and lust after these! I've seen these recommended by a few youtubers I trust so I thought they would be worth checking out. Now, I am not complaining about my hair what so ever! I've got thick, fairly long dark brown hair---which I like very much. =D I just thought it would be fun to have a little more length instantly!

Here's how it comes:

It comes gentley tied down so the hair doesn't get matted. It is hard to tell from online what the colors are going to look like, so I picked Dark Chocolate. I've heard that the brown ones look more realistic than the blondes. I thought this one looked pretty natural, as my hair is quite shiney.

And here's some shots with the hairpiece on! It was really easy to put in. I read a million reviews on this and a lot of people thought the piece/cap is a little big for their head. I'm going to have to agree with that. It's not so big on me though that it looks odd, in my opinion. In other words, I think it's one of those things you notice but no one else would.

So as you can clearly see..this is not my color!! I really need to Midnight Brown. Other than I mentioned earlier, my hair is quite thick, so this piece looks rather thin mixed in with my hair. For someone who has normal to thin hair, I think this would be perfect. I think if I took this to a hair dresser, they could cut layers in it and make it blend much better. I do with they had a "thick hair" option though. *Sigh*

It seems depending on how the hair is laying, it can look great or a hot mess. Again, I think if I had it cut it would blend better. It was also hard for me to take pictures myself because the hair is so long! (Which I love!) The length is wonderful and I wish my hair was this long already! But it was really fun to try this anyway, even if it wasn't perfect. I do want to try the 23" Wavy hair piece in Midnight Brown. When I do, I'll be sure you let you know how it goes. Does anyone out there have this? What did you think? What do you think of hair extensions in general?

You can buy these from Folica for $79.00. It comes in 16 shades!

FTC Disclosure: I was sent this by Folica for review. I was not paid to write this review. This is my honest opinion. Folica sponsors NV Beauty with products to review, not money.


Ronesha said...

I actually like this,yeah just get a hair dresser to layer it for you and it will blend much better. The hair looks really soft and not lifeless.

Nicole said...

Thanks Ro! I'd really like to have the darker one though. It's so hard to judge what color would be best from a picture online. *Sigh* I'll probably find someone to give this to!

Madiha said...

you look absolutely gorgeous with long hair!! :)

ndoodles said...

Ha ha yeah, that hair doesn't match yours :) But long hair is awesome!

Nicole said...

I wish my real hair was this long! It used to be and I chopped it off. WHY??? *lol*