Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hi everyone! I'm back with another Vapour Beauty review! This time I'm showing you their multi-use blush stain in Impulse & the Aura Multi-use in Spark.

Check out these gorgeous shades!

These are multi-purpose, which is great when you are traveling or just like to save money by not having to purchase a bunch of different products. You can use both of these on your cheeks, lips, and eyes for a pop of color. At first, I was worried that Impulse would be waaaaay too much for my fair skin! But you can make it very sheer and it looks quite nice!

Here's the swatches of both:

And here's how they look blended out:

I really enjoy both of these products! I think they colors are great! And they are 70% certified organic (other 30% is organic, but aren't certifiable ingredients) I feel really good about putting these on my skin.I have used both of these on my cheeks and lips, but not on my eyes. I don't wear any colors even close to this to use as a base, so I can't speak on that. I do find that I have to set my cheeks with powder for it to have staying power, but I usually do that anyway. As far as wear on my lips, I'd say it's not great for long term wear, but it is ok when you've got time/desire to reapply through out the day.

I can't believe I didn't talk about the packaging in the first part of my Vapour Organic Beauty review! I really love the packaging! It's a really pretty, sparkley blue plastic stick--for most items.  I think they are awesome for travel, as you won't worry about them breaking and they are a good size. I have to say that a few of them, after I've dialed it up and back down, the product didn't go back down. So I had to use my fingers to push it down. So that's a bummer, but no deal breaker for me.

You really get so much in these sticks, it will take me forever to use this up! I definately think they are worth the price of $28 a pop.

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I will soon be announcing my next give-a-way! It's going to be amazing! As you may have noticed, NV Beauty is about to have it's first anniversary! Yeah! So for the last month of so, I've been contacting some of my favorite suppliers/brands asking them to make a donation! I think you all will be really excited about this as well! More details to come....

Until next time, Stay NV'ious!

FTC Disclosure: I was sent these items for review. I was not paid to write this. This is my honest opinion.


SilhouetteScreams said...

I'd love to see how Spark looks on the lips! It looks like a gorgeous non-concealer peachy nude :)

Nicole said...

I'll get on that!