Friday, December 3, 2010


Here are my two kabuki's! One from Bare Escentuals and one from Sedona Lace. Here's a quick post comparing the two. If you have either one of these, leave a comment below! Tell me your thoughts on these!

Goat hair
Hairs are short and prickely
Hurts my face =(
Never use

Synthetic hairs
Long, filament fibers
Baby soft of my face
Use every day

**Extra pro's, has super cute luggage to store kabuki in! The synthetic hairs don't absorb any product! Comes in other colors and Sedona Lace has amazing customer service & super fast shipping!**

FTC Disclosure: This was sent to me. I was not paid to write this review. I am not affiliated with Sedona Lace. This is my honest opinion!


Anonymous said...

I use kabuki brushes daily ! I also didn't much like the Bare Escentuals one. I love how the other has the case to store it in ! So clever.

Saimese said...

Love how the Sedona Lace one has a case!

ndoodles said...

Yeah the goat hair one looks like it would hurt... even though it costs almost $30! What the heck!?

Nicole said...

Yeah, I hate the Bare Escentuals one!!