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These are my favorite items used in 2010 for skincare! Again, with this post, don't always have a high end and drugstore favorite. I find that it takes me a long time to get through most items, so I didn't try that many last year. Please leave me your favorites in the comments or link to your favorites post!


Drug Store
AVON ANEW Reversalist Foaming Cleanser
Def my HG cleanser! I'm about to start on my third tube of this! It's great for my dry skin! It removes all the gunk off my skin without stripping it of it's moisture. If you have dry skin, you need this! It's normally $13 for 4.2 fl oz, but it's on sale right now for just $8!


Drug Store:
AVON ANEW Reversalist Day cream with SPF 25.
This is great for my 30-something, dry skin! It feels really light and so is the scent. The jar is very pretty, but I do prefer a pump. This is $32, so some might consider is higher end, but you can find similarly priced ones at the drug store, so that's why I'm calling this my drug store favorite.

High End
BIOX by Premier Dead Sea USA
This is another day cream I used a lot and loved in 2010! At $349 though, it's very high end. But if you can afford it, it's a wonderful cream! I just ran out and I'm so sad!! Again, like the AVON cream, it's in a jar and I wish it had a pump. This also feels amazing on my skin. This one doesn't have SPF though. But it does have tons of other incredible ingredients! Check them out here!

Night Cream

Drug Store
AVON ANEW Reversalist Night Cream
Again, I love this! It's heavier than the day cream, as night creams generally are. Also again, I wish there was a pump. But, this smells so lovely! It sinks right into my dry skin and feels fab the next morning! I love this! I just recently repurchased this! It's $32.


Drug Store
Tilvee Argan Vitality Oil
Ok, so at $35 for one ounce, I know it might sound expensive. BUT for this type of product, this price is actually very reasonanle. I really, really love this stuff! It is a mix of argan oil, lavender, vanilla, lime, bergamet, and yiang yiang. It smells delish!! I love to use this at night when I skip the heavy night cream. I suppose you can wear it during the day, but I've been afraid to try it before putting on makeup. I will have to check that out sometime to see how my foundation fairs on top of this. If you want to try something with Argan oil, but don't want to spend an arm and leg, check out this one!

High End
Premier Intensive Age Treatment Serum
Yoozaah! At $349, this is certainly high end! But again, if you have the money to spend, this is another amazing product from Premier. It has this really warm scent to it, if that makes any sense! It's not warming on the skin though. I love to really rub this in to areas on my skin that are starting to show signs of aging. I LOVE that this is in a gorgeous bottle with a PUMP! Yeah!! A little of this really goes a long way. I've had this for months and months now and I am only half way through the 50ml bottle.

Drug Store
Bio Oil
You can find this at CVS for about $20. I wasn't able to take photos of a burn I got from being careless in the kitchen several months ago, though I tried! The scar from the burn was on top of my left pointer finger. I rubbed Bio Oil on it every day for three months and it is completely gone!!! It wasn't a super bad scar, but I every time I looked at my hands, I felt self conscious! I'm SO happy it's gone now! Yeah!!!


Drug Store
CVS Age Defying Towelettes
I wrote about these not long ago, but they are amazing!! I've tried many brands of these, but these are by far my favorite! The smell like NOTHING and they really take off all my makeup---even water proof mascara! They also have retinol, collagen, and vitamins A & C. I haven't noticed them making me look younger, but a girl can hope, right? These are about $4! Love them!!! I use these mostly when I'm feeling lazy!

Drug Store
AVON Moisture Effective Eye makeup remover lotion
At $4 for 2 ounces, I love this stuff! *It's on sale right now for $1.99....contact your local AVON rep now!* I love using this also! Who doesn't need a little extra moisturizer? This feels so cool on my skin. I just put a small amount on a fluffy cotton ball and swipe. Too easy!


Drug Store
S&J Creations
Soy Moisturizing Body Butter
This is one of THE best body butters I have ever used! This is my HG!! I'm on my second 8 ounce jar and I plan on purchasing a lot of these!!! I love everything about this body butter--the way it feels, how long it keeps my skin soft, the way it smells and mostly, I love the price! It's just $5.99!!!! Check out S&J if you haven't already! You won't be disappointed! They also happen to be having an awesome give-a-way right now! Don't miss it!

High End
Kohana Skin Wild Ginger Tropical Moisture Creme
I LOVE this stuff! Not only is the packaging too cute, the product is amazing! I got to try three scents of their lotions and this by far is my favorite! I love the scent of Ginger! This feels amazing on my skin after a hot shower!! The softness lasts a long time too! I always feel so pampered after using this creme! You can find some of the Kohana line in the Boutique! You get 7 ounces for $22!


Drug Store
Caress Evenly Gorgeous Body Scrub
I have been a fan of this for about a year or so now! I love it!! The scent is so warm!! I love that!! It's perfect for cold fall/winter evening showers! I can't say enough good stuff! You get a huge bottle for about $5 or $6. True love!!!

High End
Kohana Kona Coffee Body Polish
I was able to try out three different scrubs/polishes from Kohana. This has been my hands down favorite!! I'm not wild for the scent of coffee, though I'm sure lots of people are. BUT...the results from this polish were by far the best in my opinion. It really does an amazing job at removing dry skin, dirt, and anything else you might have on your skin---think about when your faketan starts wearing off....need to remove all that nasty skin....try this!!! Ahh-maaayy-zing!!!! Cue the angels singing please! You get 8 ounces for about $18! So worth the price!!!


High End
MAC Fix+
I heart Fix+! It always does an amazing job at taking away that powdery look off my mug that I always inevitably get. I find it does nothing to extend the life of my makeup, as some claim, but I love it nonetheless! At $22.50 for 3.4 ounces, I feel it's a great investment for me!

Goodness! That's a lot of skin products and there's still other things I could include...but these were my top favorites for 2010! I hope you enjoyed reading this! Sorry it was a tad long!

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Stay NV'ious!



Have you try Tilvee Pomegranate Mask? I am curious about it. Also, your review make me want to try the Avon Anew Cleanser.

Below is a link to my top 10 for 2010.

ndoodles said...

Cool post! I've always wanted to try Avon skin care stuff - WAHH!! Eye make up remover that is 1.99! Cheap :)

Nicole said...

@Beautiful Canvas...no, I haven't tried that but sounds yummy! I heart AVON ANEW! They have different lines for different ages. I actually use the one for women in their 40's! Just because it's very moisturizing! The line *Regenerist* for the 30's is too drying for me. If you have oily skin, it would be good for you!
I will def check out your post! Thanks for leaving the link!

@Ndoodles....Again, love AVON skin care! Heart the eye makeup remover and yes, it's cheap!!!

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