Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is my last installment of the NV Beauty Awards for 2010! These are my favorite beauty tools! I used all of these SO much last year and have been enjoying them still! Which ones are your favorites too?


Sedona Lace Professional Brush Set
I have 4 brush sets and these are honestly my favorites! I just wish they made more! I know that SL is coming out with some new brushes this year and I CAN NOT wait!!!!!!!!!! These brushes are so incredibly soft and dense! I want more!! Hurry up Sedona Lace! I want more brushes!!!

Ok, so I just got this in December and some may think it's too soon to call it a 2010 favorite. But I'm being honest with you guys!! After just one use, it has already improved my seriously dry skin. I am not joking, the first time I used this I noticed a dramatic difference in the flakiness of my skin! It really removed most of my dry patches--which are bad on my cheeks and around my nose. It really does a great job at removing my makeup and feels really nice. Is this a MUST have? No, but it does make my skin better!

Caruso Hair Setter
I LOVE this! Beautiful curls with no heat damage? YES please! If you guys didn't see my tutorial on this, check it out! I don't even want to use anything else to curl my hair now! This is awesome!!!!


Hairdo 23" Wavy Hair Extensions
These ROCK! I love wearing mine!!! It looks so natural and I love the boost it gives my look! This is perfect for special occasions! It's really use to put in but does take a little getting used to wearing it. I look for reasons to wear it!!! Yeah for Hairdo!!

I hope you all enjoyed my NV Awards for 2010! If you didn't already, leave me your favorites!!

Stay NV'ious!

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