Tuesday, March 15, 2011


e.l.f. Essentials Brightening Eye Color

Luxuriously smooth, corn silk formula provides eyes with a neutral base and an awakened brightness. The formula blends into skin for a long lasting, beautiful effect. The 4 color quad allows for both natural and dramatic looks. Mirror in compact included.

I have a quad, though set up differently than this, from ELF that came with their smokey eye kit and the pigmentation was really good so I thought I'd try these out. I really love the neutrals, obviously, so I picked up these two. I was disappointed that Butternut came slightly broken, but it wasn't too bad. But you can kinda see in the lightest color that some of the darkest got into it. Oh well....

Here's Butternut:

I think these are so pretty! They aren't too dark and make for a really nice day/work eye. They are pretty smooth and blend pretty well. The darkest color is pretty powdery though, so watch out for fall out with this one! I do wish there was at least one matte in these, but for a buck, it's pretty awesome!

Here is Brownstone:

Again, I like this more subtle neutrals. And also again the darkest two colors are quite powdery. But they still pack a mean punch when it comes to pigmentation. I like this one the best so far! There are lots of other quads and they are much more colorful than this, check them out here!

Which quads do you like best?

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FTC Disclosure: I purchased this with my own money. I am not affiliated with e.l.f. I have never accepted money in exchange for a review.


queencess1418 said...

i love elf quads...i own a good amount of their quads....i must say for a dollar they are pretty nice and pigmented...i just wish they would change their packaging to maybe rectangular shadows...the triangles are pretty hard to get into

Nicole said...

I totally aggree! Triangles make it hard to get in there. I have to use a small brush to get in it!

I saw you had a bunch of ELF in your collection video!!

ndoodles said...

I really really like Butternut. I love the lightest shade in that quad b/c it works so well as a highlight. I really like these quads - wanna try more!

Dyna said...

thank you for sharing, I have the butternut one :D