Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I bought these samples forever ago from Heavenly Naturals!! It's taken me forever to open them and swatch them. The colors aren't exactly neutral, my favs, so I think that's why! Posh is the only one that's neutral.

 I didn't pick these colors individually, it was some sort of sample set. I don't see it on their web page now. Here's my swatches, first with flash then without (I used primer to swatch these):

As you can see, the light plays a big role in some of these shades.

Passion is a gorgeous metallic copper.

Earth Child is a really pretty medium brown with the most interesting blue undertones. Depending on the light, you see different levels of intensity of the blue.

Virtue is a goldish green color. Definitely a metallic!

Posh is a creamy pearl color. This one is for sure my favorite! I think this will look awesome on the inner corners and a highlight with other matte shades!

Ransom is gold/bronzey green. Another metallic.

Tinsel is exactly what it says. A beautiful metallic silver that reminds me of Christmas!

The texture of these all felt pretty good---some a little more smooth than others. The pigmentation on these are insane! I haven't worn these yet, so I can't speak on staying power, though I imagine they will be pretty outstanding! I will post a look soon with these!

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Stay NV'ious!

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Posh is my favorite too :)

Charlotte Sparkle said...

Those are lovely. It was hard to pick a particular favourite, but as I love silver it had to be the Tinsel shade for me.

Y said...

Earth Child is such an interesting color!