Saturday, February 26, 2011


People have been buzzing so much lately over Wild & Wild. I've resisted so far---until obviously now! I have over 500 eye shadows, why get more? That's what a normal person would say!!! But no, these looked really pretty and I thought they'd be good to put in my purse for a touch up on a long day or over a weekend. I'm a neutral lover, so these two trios were perfect for me. They aren't too different, but I had to get both of them, And for $2.99, why not??

Here's my swatches (with no primer):

I think the color pay off is great for the price! They are smooth and easy to blend.  WIth a primer, I find that they last a long time also!

What do you guys think? Do you have any of these? What do you think about Wet & Wild these days? Please tell me what other Wet & Wild products I should try!

Stay NV'ious!

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Devea said...

I have some stuff from wet and wild and they are amazing! Especially the single shadows!

Adeline said...

I LOVE Wer & Wild Eyeshadows! They offer great pigmentation for the price you pay!! I have recently gotten their Colour Icon Palettes and am in love with them!!! Just did a review and swatches on them too. Feel free to check them out. :)


Tati Abaurre said...

I couldn't resist and got the sweet as candy too! I love neutrals as well, and I love this palette too :)