Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hello beauties! I've been wanting to do this post for a long time and I finally sat myself down and did it! These are my top lipsticks! They are all different brands but not too terribly different in color. *lol* So if you are like me and love nudes and pinks, check out these:

1. This is Rimmel's Airy Fairy. It's a really pretty light pink with a hint of lilac. I do have to say that I can't wear this alone. I always top it with a gloss, pretty much anything looks good on top of this. Also, I do feel like the packaging is super cheap and flimsy. But a pretty color nonetheless.

2. This is AVON's Apricot Glow. It is one of their fabulous mineral lipsticks. It is the prettiest peach with small flecks of gold. Perfect for fair skinned, blue eyed babes! ;) This has been a favorite for the last two years! Love it for summer because I can't really pull off coral!

3. This is Cover Girls Blushberry Shine. Yes, this is sadly discontinued. =( And yes, it's not technically a lipstick, but I love it all the same! When I'm feeling like a wash of berry color, this is my go to. It's so moisturizing!

4. This is Rimmel's Dreamy. It was my first from their Ultra Rich line and it was love at first swipe! I love the almost metallic look to it. It's not overpowering, so you can still wear it with a dramatic eye. It can also perk up a really neutral look. Very versatile for me!

5. This is Rimmel's Dusty Rose. It's also a Ultra Rich lipstick. They are not kidding either. If you haven't picked one of these up yet.....what are you waiting for? These are def my favorite drug store lippies! Dusty Rose is probably my number one lipstick out of my whole collection. I wear it all the time. I do with the formula was long wearing though---but then I suppose it wouldn't be so smooth and hydrating to my lips.

6. This is Graftobian's Kiss Me. It is a cream cup lippie and it feels like it's name. These are the creamiest lipsticks I've ever worn. I do have one MAC lipstick, notice it's not on the list. While I do like how the MAC lipsticks smell and have a wonderful color range, the ones I have don't beat Graftobian Cream Cups. If you haven't checked them out, RUN out and get one, or two, or ten!!

7. This is NYC's Mousse. It's actually a great drug store lipstick. I think this is the most inexpensive lipstick on my top ten list! It goes on very smooth, has a nice sheen to it, and lasts a pretty good while. I love this color! It's very similar to Rimmel's Dusty Rose though. *lol*

8. This is AVON's Never So Nude. This is from a limited edition collection, I believe. I haven't seen these exact ones since they came out. I love the shimmer in this one and the gold undertones. It's not quite a nude lip for me, but I think the color is fab! I also love the way it's shaped as well---very unique!

9. This is AVON's Perfect Pink. It is one of their Moisture Seduction lipsticks. It feels AMAZING on my lips! Love it! It also smells delicious, sorta how MAC's do. It's not the same scent, but it's lovely! This is a pretty pink and while I don't wear it too often, I enjoy using it each time I do!

10. This is ELF's Seductive. Ok, I take it back...this is the cheapest lipstick in this list! It was $1!! I love this color! It's the brightest dare I dare to wear. This also has a great scent and I enjoy wearing this alot as well!

I'm going to turn this into a tag also! It can be your all time top ten, your spring or summer top ten! Whatever you want! Please leave me a link!!

I'm tagging everyone, but just to get it rolling, I'm tagging the following lovely ladies:

These are some youtube ladies I tag as well!


Ana Rita said...

I absolutely love Airy Fairy by Rimmel. It's so so pretty *.*

xoxo from Portugal*

Nicole said...

Yes, it's really pretty and different. =D

queencess1418 said...

rimmel airy fairy is my absolute fav....thx for the tag cant wait ti get on this

Ms. Prettyful Girl said...

I love, love, love this! I enjoyed this post so much. You have good taste in lippies :) I also love Apricot Glow. I have it and use it a lot. I also love Never So Nude but I only have the sample of it. I really want to do this tag now. If I do, I'll send you the link so you can check it out. Awesome post. A+! Thanks for sharing :)

Nicole said...

@Queencess...do you top it off or wear it alone?

@ms. prettyful girl...SO glad you're going to do the tag! I love getting a peek at everyone's stash and favorite stuff!! Sounds like we have similar taste in lippies!

Beautygirl24 said...

I love the look of Mousse! It looks so creamy! I've always wanted to try Airy Fairy too.
Thanks for the tag Nicole, I'll do it next week!

annie said...

awww snap! i'm on it!! i may make it into a video though... :) i'll post it on my blog too!


Nicole said...

@Noelle, Yes! It's very nice! And cheap! Looking forward to your favorites!

@Annie, wuwhoo!! I love your videos! I bet you'll have a wider color range than me!! Maybe it will give me some ideas!

Robyn said...

Kiss Me and Mousse are lovely! I don't think I could narrow my list down to ten favourites, my favourites are brighter colours that I don't really wear very often! Silly me!

macface2adore said...

Hey there. I would love to do this tag. I will be doing it soon...my blog is www.makeupandbeautydiary.com so I promise to do it there or on my channel www.youtube.com/macface2adore. Thanks so much for tagging me:) I miss doing these:)

Hadia said...

My favs are Apricot glow and Never so nude. But to be honest I love all of em!

Nicole said...

@Robyn, I love to see other people wearing bright colors, but I can't get myself to think it looks good on me!

@Jennifer, Looking forward to see your favorites! I've followed you blog for a while, but mostly love to watch your videos on youtube! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

@Hadia, Glad you like my selections!!