Saturday, May 14, 2011


I was pumped to find the ELF Limited Edition Endless Eyes Palette in the Everyday Basics. at my Target several months ago. I've barely picked it up at all! I've decided to try to really make an effort to not spend much on cosmetics at all. So I wanted to go ahead and swatch these to show you and myself!

Of course I love neutrals! The packaging is cute, but I find that it is a bit hard to open. I do like how you can see some of the colors while it's closed.

Look at this loveliness! I was excited to open this and see all the choices of neutrals. You've got taupe's (my favorites!), browns, grays, blues, purples, and oranges. What more could a girl want? Now, how to the swatch?

I used primer for these and had to swatch them many times for them to show up! That was pretty disappointing. These were mostly the lighter colors. Some of the shadows were very soft and creamy. So this palette is pretty hit or miss for me. Do you have this? Which colors are your favorites?

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FTC Disclosure: I purchase this with my own money. I am not affiliated with this company. I have never been paid to write a review.


Y said...

:( I thought that they were naturally that pigmented! Oh well, I mean it's good for little kids or for people just starting out in makeup!

Nicole said...

Yeah, it's ok. I always wear primer, so I don't mind so much. I did use it today, was alright. If you want a realy subtle, natural look...this will do. Is a travel friendly size too!

TEA aka MonsterGirl said...

Wow! Nice colors and swatches.
I was told to check out your blog and I <3 it! New
Follower :)

Nicole said...

@Tea, Thanks so much! I appreciate the compliment!!