Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I was really excited to see these Almay trios at Dollar Tree this week! You know I love a good deal and who could pass these up for a buck? Not me!

Even though I have blue eyes, I don't believe you have to stick to what some company says are the colors for you! So I picked up one of each color for myself! They had the one for hazel eyes, blue eyes, and brown eyes. There is also one for green eyes, but I couldn't find that one. Also, I don't personally like green eyeshadow on me, so I would have passed on that one anyway.

Here's a peek at each one and swatches!

I always do swatches with a primer underneath, unless said so otherwise. I just don't believe in not wearing a primer as a base. Ok, so I was drawn to this palette first. I love the colors here. The flash is blowing out the last color, sorry. It is more taupe and has a hint of unexpected purple! All the colors are metallic, so I love that!!!

I suppose this is what is supposed to "look best" on my eyes. But I can't say these are my favorites. The colors themselves are to die for, but I always feel a bit awkward wearing blue eyeshadow. I guess I just always think it looks a bit 80's and think of that lady from The Drew Carey show!!! But I will find a way to were these and feel confident!! I <3 the bronze shade in this trio!

I also LOVE this one! The colors are SO pretty!! The first color is the prettiest yellow/gold! This is a perfect highlight color! *Sigh* Again, another beautiful bronze. and then a pinkish purple color. Very pretty!

So overall.....I really like these trios! I think you can find them at drug stores for somewhere around $4-$6 depending on where you live. Of course, if you hurry, you might be able to find these at your local Dollar Tree for a buck!

I think the pigmentation on these are awesome! They blend really well and stay on for a long time with a good primer. I have not worn them without a primer. I think the colors are really pretty and of course this is great to throw in your purse. Only downside for me is that all the colors are metallic. Would have been nice to have one matte shade. But I'm not complaining!

And since I love you guys so much! I bought one for you! I got an extra Hazel eyes!! So all you have to do is leave me a lovely comment telling me anything you want. =) You have to be in the US and of course a follower of my blog! And if you like, it would make my day if you'd pop over to my youtube channel and subscribe if you like what you see. =) Don't forget to leave me your email so I can tell you if you win.

FTC Disclosure: I purchased these with my own money. I am not sponsored by Almay. All opinions are my own.


Ms. Prettyful Girl said...

LOL. Mimi was the lady on Drew Carey. Haha, that's why I don't wear blue eyeshadow often either. And yeah it does have an 80s vibe to it. I hope I can find these at my Dollar Tree. How sweet of you to buy one for a giveaway. I hope I win LOL. I follow your blog via GFC: Ms. Prettyful Girl and my email is: just in case. Good luck to me! And thanks for hosting this giveaway :)

Sweet As Honey Blog said...

Oh these are beautiful!

GFC: Sweet As Honey Blog

Thanks! =)

Priscilla said...

Don't you just love the Dollar Tree! I always find great makeup and for a buck why not! I need to go this week to see if my DT has them!

GFC: Pris aka MUJunkie88

Thank you!

bibzki said...

value for money :)

bvrlylava at gmail dot com
gfc: bibzki

annie said...

i actually like the one for brown eyes! that never happens! lol... although i probably wouldn't wear all three together. but that's just me! hehe.