Thursday, July 14, 2011


How cute are these Sonia Kashuck brushes? I guess these came out in the spring (and there's a new summer set as well) out at Target. I almost never go into Target anymore so when I popped in a few days ago I decided to see what they had in their makeup area---of coures!

I was tickled to see some cool looking brushes! The boxes they come in are too cute! (I'm using them now to store excess nail polish! As if there could be such a thing, right?!) There was an actual set of maybe 5 brushes, but these two that were sold individually were much more appealing to me---of course. There was one more brush sold separately (of course) that I may go back for. I love the design on the handle and I love flat top brushes!!!  I've heard good things about Sonia Kashuk brushes so I decided to check these out.

How adorable? These are hands down the cutest brushes I own. I wish they made a 12 piece set of these! Here they are up close:

So the blush/powder brush is fairly soft--not as soft as my Sedona Lace or Sigma brushes--but it's not scratchy either. It's fairly dense also. I wouldn't use this for blush, but I do like it for swirling on a little bronzer on my cheeks before topping it off with some blush on the apples. I used my Wet & Wild Mega Glo today and it was just so pretty! The brush really gave me a light application and I was able to buff it in to my skin and had such a nice sheen to it. Looked great!

Also, the fibers themselves are packed in and cut really nicely. =)


The angled coutour brush feels a bit softer than the other brush. I haven't used it for contouring yet, but I'm sure I will. I think it will give a nice, controlled application of contouring powder when I get around to using it that way! *hahaha* What I've been using it for is highlight on the cheekbones. It's just a great shape and really blends out highlighter really well. I love when brushes can be used for multiple things!

I've only washed these once so far. I did have some bleeding and a few fibers shed when washing the blush brush, but none with the contour brush. They didn't smell funky at all when I first opened them, which is always a bonus. They did retain the scent of the shampoo I used to wash them--very nice.

They are about as heavy  and a little shorter than my other makeup brushes. But again, they are by far the cutest ones I have! I will consider buying the other brushes that go with it...though I don't reallly need them. Do you have these? What do you think of Sonia Kashuk brushes?

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FTC Disclosure: I purchased these with  my own money. I am not affiliated with Sonia Kashuk or other companies mentioned in this post. I have never accepted money in exchange for a review. All opinions are honest and my own.


Blushingloves Irene Greece said...

These brushes look so cute and soft!Thanks for the pictures hun!going to check on them!!


Y said...

They look so pretty! I've been meaning to try out Sonia Kashuk brushes, but I'm too lazy to get my butt to target lol

Nicole said...

I like these alot. I've used them every day so far!