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In case you have been living under a rock lately *lol*, this is the Tarte "Glow your way to goregous 8pc Maracuja & Clay collection" from QVC. I have never had anything from Tarte, so I was really excited to get to try so many different things for such a good price!! I'm going to take you through the whole kit! Let's get started!

The left side holds a ton of stuff! As you can see, there is more than 8 items in this kit. I think at the last minute Tarte decided to include a few more items, which is fab!

You guys know I'm a total  brush junky, so I'm showing you those first. These are actually really nice brushes! You get a blush brush and a cream shadow brush.

Blush Brush

The blush brush is a on the smaller side--which I've heard some say they don't like---but I do. It's also not super dense, so it really picks up color and puts it down lightly. I think that is perfect because the blush in the kit is SUPER pigmented and you can't have a heavy hand with it. I think this brush is perfect for this blush.

Cream Eye Shadow Brush

This is a pretty basic cream shadow brush. It's pretty stiff and it small so you can really pack color on the lid. I wouldn't recommend trying to use this brush to spread product out. I just pack some color on, then use my fingertip to blend it out a bit.

Here's the makeup in this side of the pocket! Maracuja Creaseless Concealer (I picked Fair), Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara in Black, Lip Luster in Sweet,  and Amazonian Clay SmolderEYES eyeliner in Fig.

No idea where the picture of the up close concealer went!! Whoops! But here's the swatch for you:

As you can probably tell, this is a pretty thick concealer. Though it says creaseless in the title, I found that it did crease after several hours of wear. It gives pretty good coverage though. Maybe I just need to play with it and try it a few ways. Pointers welcome. =)

This is the Lip Luster in Sweet. It has a really nice color, nicely pigmented without being over the top, and has an awesome minty feel that I love. At first, I was afraid this color would be too pink--like bubblegum. But much to my surprise, I love it!

It's such a pretty, sheer color. I also love that it's like a jumbo pencil. It also clicks at the bottom for more product. This color is exclusive to QVC until this fall.

This lip luster feels so good on the lips! It's so light, I just feel like I'm wearing a bit of balm. Smells nice too!

This is the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara in Black. Besides the high price tag and the bulky packaging (that is cute!) I wasn't sure how this was going to go. The formula isn't too wet,  but isn't dry either---if that makes any sense. The brush is a nice smaller size!

Not the most focused picture, sorry. But I do like the brush a lot. It grabs and separates my lashes nicely and is also pretty black. It doesn't do much for volume though, so I still reach for my Carbon Black mascara when I'm done with this one.

This is the Amazonian Clay SmolderEYES eyeliner in Fig. It has the liner at one side and a great smudger on the other.

Again, not super focused...so sorry!! But this is a creamy, gorgeous liner!!! I love the color. SO glad they didn't do black or brown---have millions of those. Purple is such a great color for all eye colors.

This is a really nice smudger. It's soft and does a really nice job at moving product around without tugging at your eye.

BEAutiful!!!!! I love this and can't say enough! It goes on so smooth and really does last all day!!

There's also a pocket in front of the slots where these products were so you can store even more goodies! This is such a great bag for travel or for just throwing it on your purse for touch ups.

Ready to see what's in the pocket on the other side?

So many goodies....where to start? =)

This is the 12-Hour Wear Clay Blush in Peaceful. I have been wanting to try these blush since they came out! People are not joking when they said how pigmented these are. The first time I put it on....I put WAY too much to put it on. The color isn't too pink, like it looks in the pan. Also, the glitter you see in the pan comes off as a nice sheen on the skin. I love this blush! For me, this is the superstar in the set!! These do last a long time, though I think 12 hours is a stretch.

Looooooooooooove this color. =)

This is the Amazionian Clay Bronzer. This is one of the extras Tarte decided to put in and I'm really glad they did! It's not a full size, but it's a deluxe sample.

You can see glitter in the pan, but like the blush, just has a nice sheen on the skin when applied lightly.

So glowy!!! I love this! This is perfect for that bronzed goddess look for summer!!!

This is the Amazonian Clay Waterproof Cream Shadow in Shimmering Taupe. Something else I was really looking forward to trying. Again, I don't think this is a full size product, but cream shadows go far and last a long time, so I think this is a good size.

This is such a pretty color. The texture of this isn't as smooth as I would have liked. It is a bit on the drier side. MAC paint pots are much smoother. But it's not bad...just a little harder to work with. The cream shadow brush puts color on well, but you only have a short window to move it around with your fingertips before it locks itself in place. This does last a good while with nothing else on top of it, but not all day. When placing a shadow on top, it makes a really nice base.

I have to show you the swatch with the others! Sorry! But I think you can see all these are just beautiful. The bronzer here isn't as sheered out, but you can see it better in the picture above.

I didn't take another picture of the bonus Maracuja oil sample they added to the collection. You can see it pictured above. The scent is a little meh. I used it on my face one night. Feels similar on the skin as Argon oil. I'm not big on the scent, though it's not awful. I think I'll stick with Argon oil. Also not pictured up close, the pencil sharpener....seen one you've seen them all!

Well, that's the collection! I hope you enjoyed nosing around in my bag! Please leave me your thoughts on this kit in the comments below! If you'd like to know more about any of these products, just ask. You can still get this at QVC! Tell me if you get it/have it!

FTC Disclosure: I purchased this with my own money. I am not affiliated with Tarte or QVC. I have never accepted money in exchange for a review.


contests and such said...
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contests and such said...

I have this set and I love it! I dot on the concealer before I do the rest of my makeup but I don't set it with powder. Once I am done with the rest of my face, the concealer has creased a little. So I just dot it back on and I'm set for the day. No more creasing!! I have tried setting it with powder and that just leads to more creasing.
Did you ge the auto-delivery option? I did and I did easy pay--can't go wrong with that!

Nicole said...

I didn't get it on auto-delivery. Is that where it comes over and over again over a period of time? I just wanted one!
I will have to play with the concealer a little more.

SilhouetteScreams said...

Ooooh love the look of the blush and bronzer :)