Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NOTD JulieG's PeaCoak Nails

I loved these the minute I saw Julie G's! I knew I wanted to try it myself! I used a couple of the colors she used, but substitued for a few! Here's what I used! Check out her tutorial for how to!

Right to left:
Jessie's Girl: JulieG (Julie used All Things Girly)
Kiss: Black Nail Art Polish
Jessie's Girl: Mermaid's Lagoon
Essie: Chinchilly (Julie used Stelletto)
Jessie's Girl: Girls Night Out

I used Seche Clear for base coat and Seche Vite for top coat.

What fun nail art have you been sporting?

FTC Disclosure: I purchased everything used myself.


Ms. Prettyful Girl said...

Girlie, that looks fab! I haven't seen her tut on this but you totally rock it! Great job. The colors are so very pretty :)

Nicole said...

Thanks!!! I just took it off tonight! Surprisingly, it didn't last long!!!! Oh well!

GenkiOriana said...

That's wicked fun looking! How long did it last? I can't imagine trying to do both hands with that much detail. Go you :)

Nicole said...

I'm SUPER hard on my nails, so it started chipping after two days!! Oh well! I've been changing my nails A LOT anyways! It was hard doing the right hand, but I think with practice, it will be pretty easy!

Summer said...

These are sooooo cool! <3 I've seen that tutorial and loved it, but knew I could never do it on my own, my hands aren't steady enough!