Monday, March 19, 2012


I got these super cute Kiss Nail Dress's in my Love Voxbox from Influenster! I couldn't wait to try them!!! I've used similar products before and have enjoyed the results. Those products cost a lot more than these from Kiss, so I wanted to see if they were of just as good quality!

I love that the directions are pictured on the back of the packaging! I've used this type of product before, but these directions look super easy to follow.  If I were a person who had never used something like this before, I feel confident I'd be able too.

There's even one of those bars to scan with your smart phone if you want to see more product information! I don't have that app, but I think it's a cool idea!

Here's everything in the box! You get three slips of stickers, a nail file, and a brochure picturing all 18 different designs---all look amazing by the way!

First decide which nails you want to add the stickers too---you can do all, but I prefer a more subtle look of just doing a few accent nails. Just peel off the sticker you think is the right size.

Smooth the sticker on your clean nail and fold the tip over your finger like this! Then you will take the file, I used the black side, to file off the excess. That's it!

I paired mine with this gorgeous Capri Coral from Bourghese! In love! I don't find these last 10 days on my nails, but I'm super hard on my hands! I can definitely see these lasting forever on my toes though!

Have you tried these? What do you think?