Saturday, March 17, 2012


Hey beauties! Check out these beautiful brushes!! They are just amazing and I am so excited I get to tell you about them! These are the newest brushes from Sedona Lace, my honest-to-goodness favorite brushes! You can get these brushes individually or as a set for just $39.95.

Jason, the owner of SL, was nice enough to send me these for review. I am not affiliated with this company, nor did I accept money in exchange for this review! These are my honest opinions! Now let's get to the good bits!

Midnight Lace Kabuki brush, $17.95 individually
This is the softest brush you could ever wish for! I use it daily for putting on my Laura Mercier Balance & Brighten foundation. It provides nice coverage and really blends it out so I look flawless! This is super dense!

480 Round Top Powder Brush, $14.95 individually
I love, love, love this brush! It is amazing for liquid, cream, and powders! I really love to use this for concealer too. I love to use the Garnier Skin Renew roller ball with concealer under my eyes and use this one to pat & roll it on. Gives a great finish!

928 Flat Top Powder Brush, $14.95 individually
This is my favorite one for foundation! You can obviously use all of these brushes for foundation...but this is my go to of the set. It's very similar to the Sigma F80--BUT that is a flat top kabuki brush. It is more dense than the Sedona Lace brush here--it's meant to be this way. The 928 is a powder brush. So while it is very dense, don't confuse the two. =) This applies liquid and cream foundations crazy good! You can even use the edges for contouring!

602 Angled Top Powder Brush, $14.95 individually
This brush is amazing for cream blushes!! I love using this one because no matter if it's high end or drugstore products I'm using, it comes out flawless! I've also used this for foundation and it's especially great for around the nose and under the eyes.

You just can't go wrong with this set! It's synthetic, so the bristles aren't soaking up product, which wastes your money! There was no weird scent when I opened them, washed them, or after they dried. There was NO bleeding OR shedding!! What more could a brush addict want?

I love the colors, how dense they are, and their performance is amazing. These are certainly worth the money and I know anyone who purchases them will be very happy they did!

FTC Disclosure: I was sent these for review, as previously stated. I am not affiliated with Sedona Lace. I have never accepted money in exchange for a review.

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