Thursday, February 19, 2015

♥Cover Girl Colorlicious Lipsticks!♥

Hi dolls! I'm excited to bring you another swatch & review post on my blog today! I received this cute lippies a bit ago and have been playing with them! Cover Girl has come out with these Colorlicious Lipstsicks!
Claims this lipstick makes:
1. Rich moisturizing formula
2. Full coverage color; high shine intensity
3. Natural butters help keep lips soft
4. In Four delectable shade families-plums, reds, nudes, and pinks
I certainly agree that they are a moisturizing formula. You can see from the pictures that they are quite pigmented--though some I had to swipe several times to get full color. That's actually something that I like in a lipstick though. I find it makes it more versatile in that I can apply it lightly for a bit of color or layer it on for a more intense look. As far as the natural butters  (shea butter) helping keep lips soft, I think the first claim really encompasses that--so I think they should have been combined. And lastly, the shade families---there are SO many colors in each family everyone is sure to find a shade they like!
This is color 265 Romantic Mauve from the Plum family. While I think in the picture this comes off really nice, in person it's got such a frosty finish. I'm not a huge fan of frost finish lipsticks, but if you are, you will love this color!
This is color 265 Champaigne from the Nude family. This is a wonderful creamy lipstick! No shimmer, no frost--just smooth color! xxoo
This is color 390 Sweetheart Blush from the Pink family. And holy cow! This is a SUPER frosty finish!! So frosty, you can use it in the center of your lips over another lipstick for a highlight. I don't think this is a wearable color on it's own--but perhaps there is a super frosty finish lover that will find this to be their HG lipstick! (It takes all kinds, my mama said!)
This is color 405 Temptress Rose from the Pink family. This is such a beautiful bright pink! This one is also so creamy and full color. (Pardon my messy swatch. I'm too lazy to re-take the picture. My bad,)
This is color 330 Ravish Raspberry from the Plum family. This one is BY FAR my favorite of the bunch!! It is also a creamy lipstick.
And lastly, this is color 280 Decadent Peach from the Reds family. Is it strange to anyone else this is in the Red family and not Nudes or Pinks? This one needed a few swipes to get full opacity.
So overall, I love the packaging of these lipsticks. From the 6 I have, I see myself really wearing only 2 consistently; 330 Ravishing Raspberry and 280 Decadent Peach. I think if Cover Girl had labled each color with the type of finish it would be much easier to select lipsticks you will love. Or even if drugstores would have samples that could be swatched--that would be a huge help! *sigh* I hope that this blog post was helpful to you and you are able to find one that you love! You can find these pretty much everywhere and they will retail for about $6.99.
Which one is your favorite? Please comment below and let me know! Until next time...
Stay NVious!
FTC Disclosure: These were sent to me as a PR sample. I am not required to review or feature these. I have never accepted money in exchange for a review. All opinions on this blog are my honest opinions.

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