Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Glitter Nail Polish Remover?

I was SO excited when I found this little puppy at Walmart!  I love glitter nail polish but rarely do I ever use it as it's such a pain in the neck to remove it. Can I get an Amen?
 You get 4 fl oz or 118 ml for just $3.00. The packaging is a pretty heavy plastic that you squeeze to get the product out. When I first opened it a bit shot out at me! The consistency is similar to a thick hand sanitizer.  This product claims to remove glitter nail polish in two minutes with just one swipe of a cotton ball. Let's put it to the test...
So here's the glitter nails I was attempting to remove:
This manicure includes Essie's Penny Talk and Summit of Style. It was gorgeous while it lasted but I'm not all about rockin' a chipped mani so it's time to go!
The directions say to apply a generous amount, so I squeezed some out then spread it all over the nail.
I waited two minutes then swiped with the cotton ball and here's the results:
Wait for it.....
I was literally heartbroken! I wanted this to work so badly! You can see it took off a bit, but the claim was to remove the glitter polish completely in one swipe. I even tried rubbing my nail with the cotton ball that was covered in the gel. *Sigh* Maybe I did something wrong. Maybe I wasn't liberal enough! Let's try it again!
I laid it on super thick, set my timer for 2 minutes and anxiously waited for the magic to happen.
Are you are anxious as I was?
Did it work?
Let's find out
As you can see even putting on a copious amount of product didn't do the trick. =(
Wah, wah, waaaaaaaaah.
So now the only thing left to do was to bust out regular old nail polish remover and OF COURSE I only had acetone free. This is going to take a while....
So after almost an entire bottle (I hadn't used any of this bottle yet) and an entire bag of (admittedly cheap) of cotton balls AND about 20 minutes............
Finally, cleaned off nails. Phew!
Needless to say, I cannot recommend that you try this product. Save yours $3 bucks and put it towards good old fashioned acetone to remove your stubborn glitter. I am, however, tempted to try this again (though only on an accent nail) to see if I use a finer glitter polish if this will work. Essie's Summit of Style is a very chunky glitter and I had on two generous coats. Stay tuned for part two of this review! Make sure you are following this blog so you don't miss it! Also, follow me on my other social media! I love hearing from you!
 Until next time, Stay NVious!
FTC Disclosure: I purchased this with my own money. I have never accepted money in exchange for a review/feature. All opinions are my own honest thoughts.

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