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♥Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art ♥

Hi Dolls! I'm back with another post wish a first impression and swatches of the Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art Lid + Line + Lash. I've had these for about a month. I haven't worn all of them but for the ones I have, I'll let you know what I think so far! I have 9 of the 10 colors--I just couldn't fin d the last one. But looking online at it, I'm probably fine without it, though I did want them all swatched here. **If I find it and decide to pick it up, I'll update this post! You can tell me in the comments if you'd really like to see it. **
As you can see, this packaging looks a lot like Revlon's double ended nail polishes. I've got just one of those, but I love it! I was really hoping these turned out to be as pretty as they look!
Let's get to those swatches!!!
Topaz Twinkle is just amazing! The cream shadow swatches exactly how it looks in the packaging. It's very opaque so it doesn't require you to layer it on your lid for full color. The glitter is amazing! It's has rainbow glitters that are so fine mixed in with a base color similar to the cream shadow. The glitter really makes in impact so you don't have to layer on a lot to get this to show up. I ♥ this one!
This is Desert Dazzle. I have not used this one yet but I just ♥ it from the swatches! Again, this one was very pigmented and doesn't seem like it will need to be layered to get full color from the cream shadow or the glitter.
This is Peach Prism. I'm officially obsessed with this color! ♥♥♥ It's a softer color so it's perfect to wear anytime, anyplace! I have worn this many times! I've worn the glitter all over my lid as well. It's more subtle than some of the others, but I think that works with this color. You can layer this one to make it more intense if you like.
This is Burnish Bling. In this swatch, I found that the cream was extremely pigmented, but the glitter--not so much. I really layered a lot in this swatch and you can still barely see it. It seems to be more clear with a very subtle glitter. But, that might be what someone is going for---if you want a super subtle glitter look, this might be for you.
Here's the first four colors together so you can see how they compare a bit better!
On to the next group....
This is Green Glimmer. Again, the cream shadow was insanely pigmented and the glitter just really fell short. If this appeals to you though, right on sister/brother! I did use this on my 7 year old playing making and she really enjoyed it.
This is Lilac Luster and this was by far the least impressive. Both the cream and the glitter are very transparent. This is several layers of each. Pretty disappointing. Two thumbs down.
This is Fuchsia Flash. The pink comes off a bit paler than what is in the tube (which is really the only one I felt did that). The glitter on this one is also a bit lack luster. *Merp*
This is Black Brilliance. The cream shadow on this one is crazy insane! It's so black!!! I haven't use this one yet but would make for a killer night out look! The white glitter is really layered here so you can see it. I wish they had more it more pigmented, but perhaps it looks stunning over the black--if I get around to trying that, I'll post that on my Instagram. **I'll post all my looks with these over there, so make sure you follow me there! If you have a beauty page, I'll follow you back.**
And here are those four together so you can compare. Just look how amazing the cream shadows are in Green Glimmer and Black Brilliance---they leave Lilac Luster (especially!) and Fuchsia Flash in the dirt!! But unfortunately, all the glitters aren't stellar.
I have one more but due to the small size of the back of my hand, this is the lone ranger...
This beauty is Gold Glitz and might be the most opaque of the bunch! The gold is definitely brighter and more yellow than I would have preferred but at least the pigmentation is on fleek! The gunmetal glitter is just to die for! That is one layer! Can you believe it?
And just for fun, here are ALL the swatches together!
I forgot to take pictures when I was wearing this, but I'm inserting some pictures from the Revlon website to show you some ways you can use these:
These are all using Desert Dazzle. And YES you can use the glitter on your lashes, supposedly, though I wouldn't if you have sensitive eyes like I can sometimes. You can do an intense look with these, like shown here, or something more wearable for every day, like what you are likely to see on my Instagram. I hope you found this post helpful!
♥My Personal Favorites♥
Peach Prism
Topaz Twinkle
Burnished Bling
Desert Dazzle
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♥Stay NVious♥
FTC Disclosure: This product was sent to me as a press sample. I have never accepted money in exchange for a review/feature. All opinions on this blog are my honest thoughts.

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