Thursday, March 5, 2015

♥ Hard Candy Natural Eyes Palette ♥

Hi Dolls! I'm back with another post showing you a new product from Hard Candy! This, and a bunch of new Hard Candy products, were sent to me and I had to share with you guys! I posted a bunch of pictures on my Instagram page when I first got them. Here's a look at one of their three new palettes!

Don't these remind you so much of the Too Faced tin palettes? It's so cute! I took the annoying "new" sticker off and had a hard time removing all the glue--in case you are wondering what the stuff is on the top right corner.
Let's look inside!
Beautiful neutral colors, a black eye liner, a duel sided sponge tip applicator, good sized (and good quality!) mirror, look cards with pictures and a mini eye primer. They sell the eye primer (and I'm guessing the eye liner) separately in larger sizes. The colors do have names, but sadly they aren't printed under the shadows. Inside the pamphlet, you can find picture tutorials and the names of the shadows.
 This is great for beginners to give them ideas on how to achieve different looks from this palette.
 On the back of the card, they include better pictures of the looks. Again, wonderful for beginners!
Here's all the shadow names. I think they gave them really cute names! Let's look at the swatches! (My favorite part!)

I honestly thought these were going to be chalky and have very little color payoff. I'm so happy to report that they're pretty good! And to my biggest surprise, the all stars in this palette are the matte shadows! Usually it's pretty easy to formulate creamy shimmery shades and harder to get mattes pigmented---at least in the drugstore. But I find that the matte shades are the most buttery smooth shadows in this palette. There are 4 matte shades in this 9 pan palette--pretty awesome!
Some colors took a bit more work to get to show up so pigmented, but these swatches are NOT over any primer. The primer is white but doesn't really provide any color correction on the lid. It words fine--much better than nothing, but isn't my favorite primer. I tested it against the new eyelid primer from L'Oreal and it performed almost as well. Let's look at the liner...
Woah baby! It's so black!!! And it's matte! It glides on extremely smooth but this Take Me Out liner did not last in my water line sadly. It did, however, last all day on my lid! This is for sure a winner! I will definitely purchase this full size if it's available!
I still haven't told you the best thing about this Hard Candy palette---it's only $8! You get 9 shadows, an eye primer and liner! Not to mention the super cute packaging! The mirror is large enough to do your eye shadow with and it's not so bulky to travel with.
I do have the Sassy Eyes and Smokey Eyes palettes to swatch, so make sure you follow this blog so you don't miss those posts!
Do you have any of these palettes? Which one is your favorite?
Until next time, Stay NV'ious!
FTC Disclosure: As mentioned, I did receive this as a press sample. I have never accepted money in exchange for a review/feature. ALL opinions on this blog are my own, honest thoughts. I would never tell you I liked something if I didn't.


Anonymous said...

A little off subject, but what nail polish are you wearing and can it be mine?!?!

NVbeauty said...

Sorry, I don't see how to directly reply to your question.
=( But the polish is Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel in Sugar Fix! You can find it everywhere!
Thanks for reading!!

maura said...

Wonderful review, THANKS! The mattes are wonderful and much higher quality than you would expect for $8. You can't go wrong with this purchase. It's great too if you're not a 17 year old. It suits the more mature as we well as the young =) Love it!

Nicole said...

Maura, exactly! It's appropriate for all ages! Thanks for commenting!