Monday, December 28, 2009


I have been using AVON's Magix face primer for about six months now and I am pleased to say that I really like it. It goes on super smooth and makes my pores less noticeable. It is a white gel-like product that comes in a one ounce tube. It blends right into your face, no matter what your skin tone is. Magix really makes my skin feel like velvet! The really helps my liquid foundation goes on very smoothly and holds in on much longer than when I do not use it. It has built in SPF 20, which I love! And I only need about a nickel size to cover my whole face really well.

It also comes in a tinted compact:

I have tried this one as well. I can't say that I am as pleased with this one. This is only .3 ounces, has only SPF 15 and it's the same price, $10.00. I don't remember off hand what color I bought--I already gave it away! But this one is just a whole different animal. It just didn't give me good enough coverage to use on its own and my skin didn't feel like it does when I use the tube. I don't get that velvety feeling or pore minimizing look at all. I would not buy this again, unless they were to reformulate it to make it better.

The only other primer I've used before is Urban Decay's Complexion Primer Potion-Pore Perfecting, which was only a sample. So I don't feel like I can really compare them properly. While I love Urban Decay's Eye Priming Potion, I just can't justify spending $30 for one ounce of their primer when I love my AVON $10 primer. If Urban Decay were to have a sale, I would purchase it and do a real comparison.

Pro: Creates a smooth canvas for foundation, feels great, no scent, minimizes pore and excellent price point.
Cons: Only comes in one ounce tubes, dries quickly-so spread fast!

FTC Discloser: I am an AVON Representative. I purchased these products at a discount rate. I am not paid by AVON, or anyone else, to write this review. All opinions are mine.

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