Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Like most of you out there, I am constantly looking for a better foundation. After seeing a lot of reviews from youtube gurus I decided to give Revlon's colorstay a shot. I always have a hard time selecting the right shade, so I like to buy foundation somewhere I can either try it out first or return it with no problems.

 I've been testing this out for about 4 weeks now and overall, I like it. The formula goes on really smooth using my beauty blender (which I love!) but doesn't go on as well with my SS190. This foundation gives medium to full coverage and is pretty blendable. It doesn't dry too fast or too slow, so I'm very pleased with that aspect. The coverage really lasted me all day and I never felt like I was wearing any foundation at all. Even to touch my face, you can't tell I'm wearing anything! I notice that when I use my beauty blender, I can get pretty light to medium coverage and build up to full coverage. When I use my SS190 to apply, I feel like I use a lot more product. It really wears all day, but would need to be touched up if going out at night. I personally prefer to remove all makeup and start fresh. I've already noticed that my skin has become lighter, so I'm already due to purchase another shade.

I can't remember how much I paid for this at CVS, but CVS online it sells for about $14. I don't remember paying that much in the store, but I could be wrong. You can find this at most drugstores, Walmart, and the like.

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annie said...

ah revlon colorstay... i just recently purchased this product and have been using it daily for about two weeks. i like it. it gets the job done. i'm pretty easy going with my foundations... if it matches my skintone and evens me out then we're good! : ) it's consistency is pretty thick for me so i use my fingers to warm it up and blend it in. the good thing about that is it just takes a little bit to do the entire face which means it will last. it covers really well and i agree with you that it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything at all. another good thing about revlon is rite aid and cvs always do buy one get one free on their products so there are bargains to be had. out of 5 kisses i would give this one 4.

jbfan&cameos'mom said...

I used to love this foundation! Sadly, I no longer do. I cannot find the correct shade - prob #1. #2, it slides all over my oily face (even w/ primer) and it has a very odd finish. Just not the foundation for me :( Pretty good coverage though!