Thursday, January 7, 2010


"Transforms your scaly legs from reptilian to radiant. Nothing eliminates dry surface flakes as fast as Flake Away™. For superhero-strength skin smoothing spa body polish with Shea Butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar."

This brand caught my eye while doing some Christmas shopping at my local Target store. The pretty display of pink packaging and catchy product names really made me stop and take a good look. The prices are great, everything under $15 for the most part. I wasn't sure though if all this was covering up something really plain. So after looking for a while, I decided to pass. But I just couldn't stop thinking about these products, so I hopped on google and did some investigating. I read review after review and came to the conclusion that their body products were by far the favorite. So I went back and got the Flake Away Spa Body Polish.

I am in LOVE! This is hands down, the best my skin as felt fresh out the shower! I have been using this product for about two and half weeks and my skin has never felt smoother! For $9.99 you get 8.4 ounces of flake away. (Though I wish this came in a bigger size!) I see myself going through a lot of this stuff.

It has a really light scent and doesn't seem to really linger. I like that. I don't really want to smell like my body wash, I prefer to smell like my purfume or nothing at all. The grains in this are really fine, so it doesn't feel like you are harshly scrubing your skin. I didn't show any signs of irritation when I was finished! You just rub in on your skin in circular motions until the grains are gone. You can rub for a pretty long time before that happens, in fact, I've been in a hurry a few times and didn't do that! My skin still came out totally feeling amazing! In fact, they felt so moisturized, I didn't even feel like I needed any kind of lotion afterwards. This would probably be great to pop in my gym bag to cut down on the amount of stuff in there! But even though I didn't feel like I needed any moisturizer after this, I still followed up with Soap & Glory's body butter (see review).

If you are looking for a good body scrub/polish, please do yourself a favor and check this one out. You can see all the Soap & Glory products here:

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