Friday, May 7, 2010


So for mother's day, I went ahead and picked out what I wanted most--a travel set of my beloved Sigma brushes! I actually got the "Romantic Mom Combo".  

The Romantic Mom kit contains:  
1 Large makeup bag in pink
1 Dazzle heart rhinestone makeup mirror in pink
1 Synthetic retractable kabuki in pink
1 Travel kit Nice in Pink

I ordered them on Wednesday and they came today, Friday! Can you say "fast shipping" three times fast? I was blown away! I will do a review on them later **I swear I'll get my camera back this weekend!!!** and compare them to their full size versions. =)

Also, in other exciting beauty news...a Sephora finally opened up in my town! Yeah! Now I can finally go swatch all the lovely things I want that Ulta doesn't carry!! I went in thinking that since the store is having their grand opening, that maybe--just maybe--there might be some specials. I walked around (the store is actually quite small compared to the Ulta we have) and saw no signage. Sadly I asked a man who worked there about it. He looked at me as if I had just cursed. He then explained to me that "high end makeup doesn't go on "sale:...We are owned by Luis Vuitton and they are much too exclusive to hold a "sale"." What a snob! He made me feel like white trash!! I promise you this, he will never ring up my order! Do they get commission there? Ugh!

Do you have a horrible beauty store experience?

If it weren't for getting my lovely Sigma brushes in the mail, I would have called this a disappointing beauty day! I hope everyone has a great weekend!


annie said...

eew!! what a way to make an impression! i demand a strongly worded e-mail to sephora customer service because his skills were lacking!! on a lighter note... can't wait to see your review on the sigma brushes!!! xoxo

ipehishere said...

i ordered sigma complete set almost 10 days ago.. and still not get yet.. hmm maybe because i live too far ? T.T
cant wait for my sigma brushes:)

SilhouetteScreams said...

I definitely suggest writing a letter of complaint about that Sephora employee.....they'll probably send you vouchers or something ;]

And I'm pretty sure they had some deals going on when they opened one up last year in Atlanta! I think there were like free $25 vouchers or something.

Nicole said...

Thanks girls! I did write a letter. Too bad I didn't get that freaks name. Oh well!

He did tell me they gave away coupons to the first 100 customers. That's cool and I'm happy they did that, but he didn't have to be rude.

libbeh ♥ said...

Sephora is way overrated. I hate that store because of their terrible customer service. The employees are either snobby and way rude (like that guy you encountered) or overly fake friendly because they're trying to sell makeup you can buy cheaper elsewhere. I've only shopped there a handful of times, but because of the crappy experiences I've had there, I don't step into a Sephora unless I'm returning something I purchased online. But even the returns process in-store is just as terrible. I can deal without the makeup snobs that work there, thank you.

Nicole said...

Ladies, I did take your advice and wrote a letter to Sephora. They said they would forward to complaint to the one I went to and I guess I'll hear something from them. I'll let you know if anything happens.