Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I purchased Nailene So Natural nails yesterday and was really excited about trying them. I always buy the shortest length I can find, as I feel they are more comfortable and look natural. I've mostly bought Kiss  nails, so I wanted to see how these compare.

SO many of these nails were huge for my fingernails--I don't have petite nails. There was seriously like, 4 sizes for thumbs and only one was just right, the other 3 must have been for Andre the Giant!! Besides most of the nails being too big, I didn't really think they looked "natural". I suppose if I had looked at the nails closer, I would have noticed in the box they don't really look that natural. The white tip is a bit too thick for the short length in my opinion. Oh!! Also, you know how the nails that have the little twist off tip on them, for you to hold onto while applying the glue and pressing on your nail? These don't have those, but you can feel where one was (I guess during manufacturing) and they are rough at the tips. Gross! I really hate that.

Here's how they looked:

Even though I just put these on last night, they are already off. =( The thumb on my left hand just lifted off...I have no idea why it wasn't staying on. Also, the sides of some of them felt rough--if that makes sense. I used the best sizes I could find for my nails, but they just didn't fit well. Bummer...I was really hoping to like these are they seem so highly recommended. I much prefer my Kiss nails better. If you missed my review of Kiss nails, check it out here!

FTC Disclosure: I purchased these with my own money. This is my honest opinion, I was not paid to write this review.


Nea said...

How come you don't just get your nails done? I have gel nails and it really does look natural and they just NEVER break... And having gel you can paint them everyday without it being bad for your nails :)

Nicole said...

I suppose if I spent less money on makeup, I could afford to get my nails done!