Saturday, December 18, 2010


A few months ago Kohana sent me this lovely gift basket with some amazing bath and body products! I've "hit pan" on another one of the body polishes and I want to tell you all about it! Here's what the coffee body polish looked like before my skin devoured it!

"Kona coffee is grown in fertile volcanic soil producing some of the world's best coffee.  Exotic coffee butter and antioxidant-rich organic Kona coffee from the Big Island of Hawaii have been combined to create a rich aromatic body polish.  The caffeine in the coffee improves circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite.  Tropical oils that have been incorporated into this fabulous scrub renew and restore the skin."

This one felt a tad drier than the ginger one I used first. But just like the ginger one, it starts to "melt" in your hands (from the warmth I'm assuming) so you have to start to quickly rub it on to the skin. While there are lots of tiny grains to slough off the skin in here, there's so much natural oil also, my skin felt amazing when I was finished! If you love the scent of freshly ground coffee, you will love the scent of this!! There is also a body butter to go with this, but I don't have it. But to be honest, just like with the ginger scrub, I really didn't even feel like my skin needed a moisturizer when I got out of the shower---the oils really did hydrate my skin!!

I'm looking forward to using my last scrub! I'll be sad when it's gone, but I will def purchase some of these goodies for myself!! You can find this and many other Kohana products in the NV Beauty Boutique! Please check it out!

FTC Disclosure: I was sent this for review. I was not paid to write this review. I do make a small profit should anyone purchase Kohana products through my store.


UrbanMermaid said...

This looks so yummy! I've never come across a coffee body scrub before and I loove coffee! xx

G A B Y said...

I've never heard about this brand before, I'm pretty sure it,s not available where I live, but this polish looks yummy! I love coffee =D

Nicole said...

Well you are in luck! You can visit my Boutique and shop! They shop worldwide!!!

angelpumpkin said...

Nicole - These sound fabulous - you've done a great job of enticing your readers - I can't wait to try these!

SheerBeauty said...

Hey my name is kayla and I have a new blog called I would love it if you check it out

Kate Gene said...

These sound heavenly! Being a Seattle-lite, I love me some coffee. My dry skin could use a nice body polish!

Thank you so much for shipping my prize pack today! I showed my hubby what I was getting, and he was blown away. I've never won such a huge giveaway! I truly appreciate it!

I saw your comment on my blog. Happy Anniversary/Birthday to you and your blog, too! :) This year, we decided to skip on the gifts. Our fur baby has been getting extra treats and brush sessions (he loves being brushed), so I think he's pretty happy going without! LOL!

Merry Christmas! :)